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Fig. 6 (following on from Fig. 5). Before receiving the Platanus pollen vaccine, the patient started to develop symptoms of asthma with Platanus counts (Burkard) of only 18 grains/m3 of air. In contrast, after the immune therapy (and without having received any other prophylactic treatment) the patient's reactivation threshold rose year by year to reach 2,830 grains/m3 after 4 years. The immune therapy was terminated in 2000 and the patient presented no symptoms of asthma during that year or the following 2 years, despite observing "peak days" of Platanus > 1,200 grains/m3 in the atmosphere in Madrid. These data, supplied automatically by Alercon, suggest that in this polysensitised patient, immune therapy with the dominant pollen was successful.


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