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The Clinic staff includes 4 Allergologists, 1 dermatologist, 1 specialist in rehabilitation and up to 14 more professionals including doctors, nurses, radiology technicians and auxilliary staff.

There are 4 clinics each day (two in the morning and two in the afternoon), providing continual medical care from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday.

There is an allergy laboratory , in which the different respiratory function tests and allergy tests are carried out. For this purpose the centre has collaborated in the research and development of a new device for allergy testing using automatic reading by computer. This has been patented under the name of PrickFilm ®

There is also an in vivo provocation test unit, in which multiple provocation tests with metacholine and foodstuffs are carried out daily.

An immunotherapy unit has been created in which more than 1,000 doses of desensitising extracts are administered each month. The unit has a computerised records backup, digital photography, 5 fridges exclusively used for the storage of the extracts and a fully equipped resuscitation room. The Centre has co-operated with the CSIM en the elaboration of a computer programme called InmunoWin ® designed to increase safety and efficacy in the administration of allergenic vaccines. This programme is already being used in many hospitals.

Courses on the self-control of asthma are a daily feature of the Centre. The aim of these courses is to improve the quality of life of asthmatic patients. These patients also receive physiotherapeutic treatments.

An area has been prepared specifically for the administration of aerosol therapy in asthmatics, with more than 70 latest generation machines, PulmoAids®. A few years ago the revolutionary Grossan Sinus Irrigator ® was first introduced into Spain for the treatment of rhinosinusitis. Over 100 of these aparatuses are available.

Products to combat allergy may be purchased from the shop, including all the products most recently comercialised in the USA and Germany (see our sales area).

Rooms are available for radiology-ECG and blood tests.


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